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A selection of Joanne's creations

Joanne Benson  The Jewellery Maker Artist Statement  

A love for gemstones and a healthy interest in myths, legends and meanings, I bring together these elements to create pieces of jewellery that not only look beautiful but have a meaning behind them too. 

Each gemstone holds its own meaning and historical myth or legend. I design one off pieces of jewellery that displays the splendour of the stone and captures the charm of the meaning for the wearer. Whether a simple birthstone has been recognised or a myth or legend associated with the health of the wearer has been identified, 

I work with the client to construct an individual item specifically tailored to their needs. I take the ingredients of the gemstone, the wire, the myth, the cord, the legend, the history, the meaning, mix them together with a little bit of imagination and enthusiasm and create anything from a simple solitaire stone piece to a more ornate statement item for the more adventurous person. I work with cold wire techniques; no heat is used in my creations. That means I can create anywhere I go. This is important to me as whether I am on a train, in a plane or sat on the beach, inspiration can strike anywhere.